Calculations for Android [Video]

Calculations 4.0 is everything the calculator in Android 4.0 should have been. It’s a 5-in-one multitool for your ICS device and utilizes the “Holo” theme that we love to see in new apps. Enjoy the video and full review!


This is an enhancement of the stock ICS calculator application. The T-9 number pad on the bottom is complimented by a scrollable list of buttons for advanced functions below the display readout. This has a few extra functions that the stock app doesn’t have, like percentages, inverse trigonometric functions and more.


This one is awesome! You can input just about any measurement in length, area, weight, time, temperature or volume and the app will spit out conversions for other common units. Want to know how many grams are in an ounce? How many days is 10,000 minutes? How many inches in 3 miles? Pretty much every possible conversion is covered here. Except furlongs. Furlongs are not included.


This one is particularly useful for mobile shoppers. Sometimes you’ll encounter something selling in Euros or Canadian dollars and you need to do a quick calculation to find out how much you’re paying in your own local currency. Pretty nifty! You can select from a list of many dozens of currencies that you might commonly convert between, for your own convenience.


I haven’t gotten any use out of this one yet (for obvious reasons) but it’s pretty straightforward. You can input a total loan amount, interest, rate, and # of months and it will return the final pay off date, along with other information like monthly payments, total number of payments, etc. I wouldn’t base your entire financial existence around what you get out of this app, but I can assure that it’s great for estimates.


This is the tool I’ve used the most out of the pack of 5. There are some other apps dedicated to this on the market, but none of them look quite right without the beautiful ICS Holo theme present here. You can insert the total bill and percentage that you want to tax, and the app will break down your payment into a total amount and tip amount. You can even use it to split a bill between multiple people. Say you have an $80 bill between 3 people and want to leave an 18% gratuity after 7% tax. Punch it all into the app and voila! Now everyone knows how much to pay.

I love this app and it’s come in handy on more than one occasion. Definitely worth a try!

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