Chinese Engineer Uses an HTC One X as a Hammer…. Video Makes Me Cringe

An HTC engineer tests out the HTC One X’s durability and its supposed gorilla glass screen. He puts the phone to the ultimate test by hammering nails in a bar of wood with, well you guessed it, an HTC One X. While watching the video itself breaks my Android heart, the One X surprisingly fared very well and to my knowledge it seemed like it even survived with no apparent crack or scratch. The video was on YouTube before it was pulled after a day, but luckily still survives on a Chinese website. Rumor is, the people from HTC weren’t happy at all about this ‘stress test’ and could have ultimately cost this engineer his job. Needless to say, I don’t recommend anyone doing this to their One X or any phone for that matter. Head over to this link to watch the video.