Chrome Now The Most Popular Browser In The World, At Least For The Month Of May

A big round of applause for Google Chrome, which for the first time in its short three-year history is now the most-used browser in the world, according to StatCounter. Chrome has been passing Internet Explorer on weekend use for some time, but the week of May 14th-20th marks the very first time Chrome has averaged higher traffic share over a full seven-day stretch.

Inside the US, Chrome still has some work to do to pass IE’s 37% marketshare against Chrome’s 26%, the US isn’t responsible for Chrome’s 7 day record. It isn’t in Europe either where Chrome has been ahead of IE for the past two weeks, while Firefox remains ahead of both. As it turns out, the worldwide numbers are being boosted in Chrome’s favor thanks to Asia and South America.

IE has the lead in Japan with more than a 50 percent market share while both China and South Korea see over 75% of their own internet traffic coming from Internet Explorer. Chrome is in the lead in India, but only by an 8% margin. The real moneymaker for Chrome is South America, where Chrome has a nearly 50% share overall.

So why the large margin in South America? Some believe that the reason Chrome is so popular is because Google’s Orkut social network service has seen tremendously popularity in South America. One thing is certain, Chrome may be the world’s most popular browser for this week, but in the world’s biggest economies, Chrome still has some work cut out to take down the Microsoft browser juggernaut to completely take the crown as the world’s most used browser.

The Verge via StatCounter

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