CloudOn Is Microsoft Office For Your Android Tablet, Along With Online Storage Of Your Choice

If you like to be productive on a tablet (and I know a few of you who do), the new app CloudOn should definitely help you out! CloudOn is basically virtualized Microsoft Office access. It gives you the entire window for Word, Excel and Powerpoint on your Android tablet. Unfortunately, with the full Office UI comes the issue of small buttons. This app is made for those who keep a keyboard and mouse connected when working. Android of course supports both, and the prime candidate for such work seems to be the ASUS Transformer Prime (I thought it was funny) with its keyboard dock.

Not only is it an Office app, but it also integrates with Dropbox,, and Google Drive to save your documents to the cloud. Saving is also automatic, which is great. It’s a very well rounded app that does it all.

OnLive offered a similar service earlier, but they were shut down by Microsoft for not having a license to virtualize Microsoft software. CloudOn won’t have this problem, as they have all of that down. You don’t have to buy Office, but you can legally use it for free now!

To start, you should download the free app from the Play Store and sign up for a CloudOn account.