DroidDog Interviews Stefan Bielau, Co-Founder Of Zapstreak

It’s our honor to present an interview with Stefan Bielau, the co-founder of an upcoming SDK for Android apps known as Zapstreak. Apps featuring Zapstreak will be able to seamlessly stream content to connected devices without need for an extra piece of hardware. Watch our whole interview with Stefan above, and the press release for Zapstreak can be found below.

Zapstreak SDK, launched at TNW Conference 2012, creates Airplay experience on Android without need for ANY hardware

TNW Startup Rally finalist offers media app developers the ability to enable users to push music, videos and images to connected TVs

Launched last week at The Next Web Conference is Zapstreak, a new mobile SDK for Android app developers that creates an Airplay experience without the need for any additional hardware. With Zapstreak’s technology embedded within a media app, user’s can push music streams, videos or images to a connected TV, adding a completely new dimension to the viewing experience at home. For developers, Zapstreak represents an opportunity to integrate a new and engaging way to share and view content, whilst making their app more appealing and ‘stickier’. By using Zapstreak’s SDK, developers negate the need for costly native app development, estimated at around €50K.

Using DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), the technology standard that allows the sharing of digital content between connected devices, media from an Android app can be listened to or viewed on a connected TV, as long as both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. The vast majority of connected TVs being sold today include the DLNA standard.

In addition to launching at the conference, Zapstreak has been selected as one of 19 hot startups in The Next Web’s Startup Rally.

Stefan Bielau, co-founder of Fushion Sheep, the Poland-based mobile development studio that created Zapstreak said, “By embedding Zapstreak within an app, Android developers are instantly offering current and potential users a vastly enhanced experience. By enabling users to take the music, videos or images they like from within an app to a connected TV, developers are now able to distinguish themselves from the competition within a crowded market.”

From today, developers will have access to the private beta version of the SDK. To become involved please click here. Once the beta is closed, developers will be charged a minimal monthly license fee. An SDK for both Windows Phone and iOS and are also planned for the future.

80% of all TVs currently sold globally come with Wi-Fi integrated. By 2015, it is estimated that the total shipments of connected TVs will reach 138 million worldwide. In the first quarter of 2011 alone, more than 1000 TV models globally were certified with the DLNA standard.


About Fusion Sheep

Fusion Sheep Sp. z o.o. is a mobile development studio based in Poznan, Poland. Founded by Matt Rutkowski, Patryk Zabicki and Stefan Bielau in 2011, it is dedicated to changing and enriching the TV experience at home.

It´s latest product is Zapstreak, a mobile SDK. (www.zapstreak.com)

For more information: info@fusionsheep.com

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