Editorial: Every Phone Should Have A Kickstand

Last Friday HTC was kind enough to send me a review loaner of the HTC EVO 4G LTE, and I’ve had the chance to spend all weekend with it. So far I have been really liking the device, and it shows that HTC is making some progress in its Android phones. Of all the bells and whistles the phone boasts, one very unexpected thing has stuck out to me, and it’s the kickstand.

I’ve been using the kickstand nonstop since I received the phone, and it’s actually propped up on my desk right now. Everything from checking Twitter to watching Netflix can take advantage of the kickstand, and it has become something that really makes the phone stand out from the crowd. Most people think of it as an added bonus, but the more and more I use it, I feel like every phone should feature one.

The original EVO 4G had a kickstand, and it was one of the most popular Android phones of its generation. No, it wasn’t the kickstand that made it popular, but the EVO and its brother the Thunderbolt are the only two Android devices to date with a kickstand. Both handsets garnered huge success, and I still see people walking around with them. I will once a again reiterate that the kickstand didn’t bring the phones their success, but the kickstand was an incredibly underrated feature.

That brings me to my main point: every phone should feature a kickstand. For me, it’s worth an extra millimeter of thickness just for that kickstand. I mean, our phones are supposed to be our main media devices, right?

This may just apply to me, but with a phone like the new EVO and its 4.7-inch HD display, that kickstand is just begging to be used to watch a few videos. But media isn’t the limit, and there’s countless possibilities. Those who use their phone as an alarm clock can set up their phone like an actual clock at night. I could even think of someone who relies on their calendar leaving it open on their phone, then propping it up on their desk.

The kickstand has been heavily neglected in phones, and I think it’s about time it gets implemented into more devices. Sure, the EVO 4G LTE may not match the RAZR in terms of thickness, but it’s definitely a thin device. And it packs a kickstand, which is all that matters.

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