Editorial: HTC Is Ridiculous For Posting The Smartphone VS Pro Camera Challenge

HTC posted a challenge yesterday asking you to look at two photos, and decide which was taken with a “professional camera” (what does that mean? DSLR? A point and shoot?) and which was taken with a smartphone (HTC One X). There are a few reasons why this challenge was absolutely ridiculous.

First one is that the photos are of different things. How can you compare two photos when you don’t have a similar feature to even inspect? That’s like being given an apple and an orange and being asked which one is organic. If they were approximately the same photo, this challenge would have been a lot more fair. But showing one photo of a wall with no real detail, and the other of a flower…. there is no comparison, really.

Second off, why did they shrink the photos to approximately 370×280? That just intentionally makes it a lot harder. You can’t see any of the finer detail, or any detail at all. No self respecting photographer would post his photos in such a small size. Also, if they’re touting the One X’s prowess at taking amazing photos at 370×280, then it’s a real winner! Even the crappy Instagram resizes its photos multiple times bigger than that. No one will ever use the phone to take such a tiny photo, because the One X’s display is bigger than that.

This challenge proves absolutely nothing. It does not put the One X in a good light, since my HP Veer’s EDoF 5MP shooter can take a photo that’ll look good when sized that small. It does not put HTC in a good light either, as they should have made it fair and let you compare photos that aren’t polar opposites.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the HTC One X’s camera. From what I’ve seen, it’s pretty amazing. And this challenge doesn’t change that. But it sure doesn’t prove it to me. HTC, if you want to prove to me that the One X is a good camera phone, give me unaltered photos and let me inspect them at full size for detail, sharpness, and proper color reproduction. I’m sure I’ll be satisfied with the results. However, don’t compare the One X to a “professional camera,” because there is a reason why professionals use DSLR’s over smartphones. Different use, different demographic. So please, HTC, don’t pull senseless stunts like this. You’re better than that. And I was hoping your marketing team was too.

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