EVO 4G LTE Bootloader Unlockable, In Case You Were Worried

I’d be worried too, after finding out that the AT&T One X came with a permanently locked bootloader. But no, the EVO 4G LTE can be unlocked just as easy as the international One X. If you really do want to unlock your bootloader and lose your warranty, head over to HTCDev for all the tools and instructions.

It’s sad that HTC’s unlock tool doesn’t even fully unlock the bootloader though. People tout the tool like a One X can be fully open, when it can’t. Even with an “unlocked” bootloader and root, /system still cannot be accessed by a user. Also, HTC has locked us out of flashing both kernels and recoveries from the phone itself. I wouldn’t want a partially open phone. But luckily for HTC, people seem to be ignoring this fact. For a more detailed explanation, hit up the RootzWiki source link.

Source: Android Central, RootzWiki

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