Flipboard To Be Released From Galaxy S III Shackles Soon

Flipboard may be a niche news app, but it’s certainly carved itself out a very large niche over on the iOS side of things. While it still may be officially shackled to the Galaxy S III, word from Flipboard is that the application will soon be available on all Android devices soon.

By concentrating on one device, with one screen size and resolution, Flipboard worked to make sure their app didn’t go down the tubes when it hit the Google Play market. I’m sure it didn’t hurt to work out that exclusivity deal with Samsung considering the Galaxy S III will ship close to a zillion units before years end. With close to 9 million pre-orders for the Galaxy S III, Flipboard’s exclusive deal seems to be working out quite well, still, though we can’t help but look forward to have it on all of our Android devices, officially that is.

Flipboard developers are planning on releasing it initially to small subset of users under a beta tag, testing out the app, filing bug reports and making sure the app is ready to be seen by the masses. After all, Flipboard is all about appearances, so a poor user experience will turn off new users right away.

Flipboard developers haven’t mentioned any date as to when we can expect to see a beta app, but it doesn’t sound like we’re talking all that far off. In the meantime, you can grab the app through the less than official method and check out our review of the app below.


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