Free Your (Samsung) Phone’s Potential with FoxFi

In light of recent updates, and carriers cracking down free tethering, there’s still hope out there to get full use out of your data plans for you non-rooted users.  FoxFi is a simple, easy to use app, made to work around your carrier’s wifi hotspot system so you can have fun on your tablets, computers, or whatever you want to bring to life with a wifi connection.  You will not be charged for wifi hotspot use by your carrier, although they may or may not notice you using a tad more data.  This app has been confirmed working on Samsung devices, and some devices listed by the developer in the Play Store (HTC phones for example) are limited to Bluetooth tethering.  The FoxFi developers were gracious enough to make this a free app from the Google Play Store although it is blocked by Sprint.  If you’re on Sprint, it can still be downloaded here.

I’ve had an awesome experience running FoxFi on my Samsung Galaxy SII, Epic 4G Touch.  There are a few things that I have run into while using the app.  First, don’t use an awesomely long Network Name.  I like to come up with rad names for my wifi and either my computer, or FoxFi wasn’t going to let Linappropriate and politically Lincorrect work (Do you guys watch SNL?).  Just a heads up, but a shorter Network Name fixed my problem.  Next, it takes some time for the computer to identify the network and establish an IP address.  So just be patient with it.  Other things I’ve heard about it is on some devices, it only works on 3G.  So if you’re in a crummy 3G area, I’m sorry.  I’m not able to confirm that with my device because I don’t have 4G coverage to begin with.  3G data speeds in my area are super reasonable, so it’s been a great experience.  Last, while I was playing around with leaked ice cream sandwich roms on my device, I noticed I was no longer able to wifi tether.  I was still able to Bluetooth tether to my android tablet, but with the developers instructions, I was unable to Bluetooth tether my PC.  I don’t think this is an ice cream sandwich issue because I’ve seen some pretty stoked Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners write reviews in Google Play Store taking full advantage of this awesome app.

So what do you guys think?  Does it work for you?  Can you get it to Bluetooth tether to a laptop?  It’s summer.  Grab FoxFi, a blanket, and your laptop and go watch Hulu in a park under the shade of a tree.  Be free.  Grab the link below to pick it up.

via Google Play

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