Galaxy S III Gets Unboxed Online, Compared Against Other Top Android Devices

The European launch of the Galaxy S III is taking place in just under two weeks, which tells us the clock was ticking in the race for the first unboxing video of the Galaxy S III to appear online. The clear winner? Nicollo Rolli, Editor-in-Chief of Italian blog HD Network who is giving us our first look, all seven minutes and thirty-four seconds worth. More important than just the unboxing aspect of this video however, is the comparison look as Rolli puts the Galaxy S III against the Galaxy NoteGalaxy S IIGalaxy NexusHTC One X and HTC One S. If you have any questions about the comparative size of the device, any questions at all, this video is going to answer them.

The video is going to be much more enjoyable if you speak Italian, just saying.

Androidandme via HD Network

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