Galaxy SIII TouchWiz Launcher Ported To Galaxy SII And Note

The new TouchWiz UX launcher from the Galaxy SIII has been ported over to any Samsung Ice Cream Sandwich ROM! This is great, as the launcher looks to be amazing from the videos I’ve seen. I just flashed it, and it runs amazing on my Exynos-based device. I’m sure it’ll run incredibly smooth on all Exynos devices like the international Galaxy SII and Note, the AT&T SII, and the Sprint Epic 4G Touch, and probably the Snapdragon S3 based models.

The launcher is gorgeous, and the effects are beautiful and so smooth. This is exactly the level of smoothness I have come to expect from Samsung. You can even hide applications, which has so far been a custom launcher feature. I’ll be honest, folder support isn’t great. It’s improved over older versions, but it’s nowhere near as sexy or functional as Apex or stock Ice Cream Sandwich. Really not a big loss, but that’s too bad.

It comes in two flavors; a version with a 4×5 grid in the app drawer, and one with a 5×5 grid. Personally it seems the 4×5 original one would work a lot better with a long screen, but 5×5 is there if you want it. Hit the source link to download it!


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