Gameloft’s N.O.V.A. 3 Now Available on Google Play Store

Gameloft’s successful mobile video game franchise N.O.V.A. has now officially gotten it’s 2nd follow up. Gameloft has been teasing this game for a couple of months now releasing several trailers and showing the game off on a Tegra 3 processor. I enjoyed the second one and would probably enjoy this one as well. The graphics are above average and game play is quite amazing for a mobile game. Only downside is that it just looks like any other game of it’s genre. Really wish Gameloft at least changed  it up a bit. But either way, it doesn’t hinder it’s game play and overall enjoyment. It’s on sale now for a respectable $6.99 price tag via the Google Play Store. Anyone out there thinking of grabbing this?

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