GameStop Mobile Launched, New Carrier Coming Out Of Nowhere

Well color us surprised: GameStop, the video game retailer, just launched its own carrier. Granted, it technically piggybacks off of AT&T is a MVNO, but is still an odd move as the retailer continues its entry into the mobile space. Rate plans are expensive and sparse, starting at a $20 Pay-As-You-Go plan and moving all the way up to a $55 unlimited voice and texting plan with 500MB of data. A $55 data-only plan is also available, with a measly 1GB of data.

No phones are sold with these plans, so it’s bring your own GSM device in this case. We’ll have to see how GameStop Mobile fares in the coming months, but we have a feeling that things won’t go the way GameStop is expecting.

via Engadget; GameStop

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