GameStop Releases Mobile App Which Does It all

If you’re a frequent GameStop customer, you’re in luck! The GameStop Mobile App lets you do nearly anything related to their stores and promotions. You can track PowerUp Reward points on the go, and even earn more just by checking into stores. You can also find stores near you. This should be a big plus for those who do a lot of shopping at GameStop, as they can earn points just for BEING there (and I know I used to enjoy just walking in for a second. If I could earn points for doing so, I’d happily do it more).

You can also use the app to find information on games, then buy them. It fully integrates with your GameStop account, so you can access everything, like a wish list and reservations. This seems to actually be a very well done app, considering it’s big list of features. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look good. It has the Gingerbread title bar and tabs at the top. Not a horrible look, but definitely one not many people like. The new ICS styling would do great for this app, actually.

Source: Android Police

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