Google Ad Banner Suggest Rogers Galaxy S III Will Come With LTE, Exynos Processor

Oh Google, you’ve spilled the secret yet again as one Android Central reader managed to grab a screen shot of a Google banner ad indicating the upcoming Rogers release of the Galaxy S III will feature 4G LTE connectivity and Samsung’s Exynos processor. The find itself is fairly notable as there was reason to suspect the North American LTE version of the Galaxy S III would ship with a Snapdragon S4 processor instead of Samsung’s Exynos 4 quad-core chip.

Of course the banner ad discovery isn’t what we would call a concrete find, but if right, it would be good news for at least an AT&T release of the Galaxy S III as Rogers operates on the same HSPA and LTE bands. On that note, it’s also possible that other Galaxy S III launches in the US, possibly T-Mobile and Verizon could still end up with the S4 processor.

The bottom line is that the release of the Galaxy S III in North America still has us asking plenty of questions and while this Google banner ad may answer at least one of them, we’re still hoping to find something more concrete in the very near future.

Android Central

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