(Updated: Temporary) Google Music Now Allows More Devices To Be Deauthorized, Hackers Rejoice

Update: We originally reported that Google had completely removed the policy, but The Verge is now reporting that this is only a temporary solution, until a fix can be found.

The media went crazy today about how Google Music only allowed 10 devices to access music, with only 4 device deactivations per year. This was a big problem for those who flashed ROMs often, because every new ROM flash counted as a new activation. That means if you used one device to access Google Music, you could only flash it 13 times before access to Google Music was gone.

However, this restriction has been around for a while and has been discussed on XDA-Developers quite a bit in various ROM threads. Many have knew about this long before it hit the blogs.

I am glad the media caught on and exploded today, though. Due to such attention, Google decided to change their policy. Though the help page still shows exactly the same rules, those who hit their limits can now deauthorize more devices. Google knows that Android is very often modded, and they made it right after it came to their attention (in a big way). Good on Google!

Source: Android Police

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