Google Purchases Mike and Maaike; The Design Company Behind the Infamous G1

With all of the attention and eyes on Google finally acquiring Motorola, this acquisition has been over-looked and swept under the rug, but rightfully so as this is just a smaller and minor acquisition compared to the behemoth that was the Motorola purchase. Not too many of us are familiar with Mike and Maaike, but they are a small group of designers that were directly responsible for the design of Android’s first phone, the T-Mobile G1. They were also responsible for the first Android prototype which entailed a portrait style QWERTY much like a Blackberry that I’m sure most of us have seen. It is yet un-clear what Google’s plans are with this company, but we can hope they plan on making more physical QWERTY-style phones that doesn’t look like the current Droid line. A Nexus with a physical keyboard perhaps? Probably wishful thinking on my part as I still don’t want companies to give up on physical keyboards but only time shall tell. Anyone else wish Google would make a physical QWERTY Nexus?

The Verge