Google Said To Be Planning Multiple Nexus Devices, Using More Than One Manufacturer

Over the past few years Google has created itself a brand, known as the Nexus line of devices. These devices have always featured stock (or near-stock) builds of Android, just the way Google intended it to be. Back in January 2010, Google released the original Nexus, the Nexus One, with a bold strategy to market and sell the device. Everything was done by Google, with the only ads on the internet, and the only way to purchase the device was from Google themselves in an online store. After only 5 months this plan failed, and until the last month Google has not sold any Nexus devices itself.

Just recently the GSM Galaxy Nexus made its way to the Google Play store, being sold unlocked from Google for only $400. This was the first time Google sold a device on its own since the Nexus One, and we may be seeing more of this in the near-future. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google has plans to release up to five new Nexus devices, all with Android 5.0 onboard. These aren’t your typical Nexus devices either, as it is said that they will be coming from more than one manufacturer. HTC and Samsung have been the only to companies to date that have made Nexus devices, and if this rumor pans out, we could be seeing multiple devices from multiple OEMs.

The report also states that Google is planning to sell the devices themselves, akin to the Nexus One and now Galaxy Nexus. What does this all mean? We could see both tablets and phones from Google in the near-future, all being sold without contracts.

via The Wall Street Journal

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