Google Working On New Nexus Device With…. Samsung?

It appears that Google and Samsung are working together once again. Google’s git repository shows off a brand new Exynos processor. This is also shown off in their AOSP tree. This suggests that Samsung is working with Google to make the next Nexus device Exynos powered.

Looking through all the information, people have found Samsung’s Exynos 5250 chip, their prized Cortex A15 dual core processor. It is paired with a Mali-T604 GPU clocked at 533 MHz. I can’t imagine how incredibly powerful this GPU will be. The Mali-400 in the Galaxy SII was clocked at a measly 266 MHz and it destroyed ALL of its competition. The same Mali-400 is being used in the Galaxy SIII but with around double the clock speed, further proving how incredibly capable it is. It still blows away even the new generation of mobile GPU’s. If they made a successor to it, and it starts at a 533 MHz clock speed, it’ll be amazing. Also found were references to a 1280×800 resolution Super AMOLED display and a 5MP camera.

While many people expected the Exynos A15 to be in the Galaxy SIII, Samsung did state long ago that they are reserving their new A15 dual cores for tablets. Throw in the fact that they are using a 1280×800 resolution (only the Galaxy Note uses that resolution in a phone form factor), a measly 5MP camera, an already high GPU clock speed in a first generation of GPU, and the classic (and amazing) Wolfson Micro WM8994 audio codec used in the Galaxy Tab 10.1, all signs point to this device being a tablet. And if it’s Google’s rumored 7″ tablet, and it has a 1280×800 resolution, that high resolution display will make a lot of people happy. But these are very high end specs, I can’t imagine this tablet selling for under $400 if it’s 7″.

We might just see this mystery device at Google I/O. But it’s interesting to see how ASUS was rumored to make the tablet, and now it seems pretty obvious that Samsung is making it. It’s also surprising to see Samsung making yet another Nexus device, though personally I’m excited about that. What do you guys think? Does this look like a great device? Or are you disappointed it’s another Samsung product?

Source: Android Community

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