Google Working On Social Gaming Hub For Android With Google+ At The Center?

Google is always looking to improve their services and with Google+ around, they are definitely looking to integrate social connectivity more and more. In this case, they are looking to build a native social gaming community, ala Apple’s Game Center. The app would use an achievement system, leader boards, friend finder for multiplayer all likely revolving around Google+.

According to Business Insider, “a source familiar with the plans” has revealed the native Android application discussing the aforementioned features. There has been nothing definitive around the Google+ tie-in, but it seems incredibly likely Google would use their own social network to build a social gaming community.

“They are starting to really understand all of the needs and wants to make a game really successful. As recently as even a year ago, that really wasn’t part of their institutional DNA, But I think they’re getting there,” Business Insider‘s source said.

According to the same source, Google is working to fix its own app store’s payment system to make the buying process as smooth as Apple’s own App Store prior to launch.

This could get very interesting for us gamers out there.

Business Insider

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