Guess The Biggest Smartphone OS In China? Take One Guess.

While DigiTimes is often lauded for the wide-eyed Apple rumors, one story capturing our attention this morning just begs to run it. Canalsys has released their smartphone shipment estimates by country for the first quarter of 2012 and estimates that Android’s total marketshare in China stands at 22% topping Apple’s 19%.

“As well as seasonal factors, such as the Lunar New Year, the iPhone’s arrival at two of the country’s carriers helped boost volume and raised Apple’s share to 19%,” said Nicole Peng, Canalys Research Director for China, based in Shanghai. But it was Samsung that took the lead. Canalys estimates its smartphone share in China stood at 22% in the first quarter. “Samsung expanded its smart phone business substantially through its existing mobile phone channels. Its wide range of localized devices helped increase uptake across all carriers, and it combined this with significant marketing spend to drive consumer awareness.”

Notably, two-thirds of all smartphones shipping China in the first quarter were based on Android, and more than a quarter of all Android smartphone shipments globally are in China. Smartphone manufacturers worldwide are using Android to help address the Chinese market, offering a varied list of smartphones at a wide-spread list of price points.

With the Chinese mobile market standing strong as the largest on earth, Android could grow its global marketshare considerably as smartphone manufacturers continue to evaluate ways to further attract Chinese customers.


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