HTC EVO 4G LTE Rooted With Full How-Tos

Super news for you guys who just got your hands on your new HTC EVO 4G LTE after waiting patiently for them to be released from thier prison.  XDA Senior Member zedomax successfully rooted his EVO LTE and posted a fantastic how to on the forum.  The OP comes with links to the necessary drivers, rooting files, and how to videos have been posted for rooting with a PC, Mac, and Linux systems.  Several forum members have reported successes at rooting their own devices.  Apparently this rooting method only gives one access to the root menu, so bloatware can be removed, apps requiring root access can be used, but this root method does not give you S-Off so Roms cannot be flashed at this point.  Users have also been able to successfully unroot with the RUU links provided.  When you use the RUU to unroot you will lose any setting your previously set up on the phone, so I would suggest backing up your setting with an app like MyBackup before you do anything with your new phone so you don’t waste any time having to fix all those pesky settings.  So head on over to the XDA post and check out how to root your phone.  Be sure to give zedomax a big thanks for the hard work and the awesome how tos.

Let us know if you’ve rooted your brand spanking now HTC EVO 4G LTE!  How did the rooting process go for you?

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