HTC HD2 Gets Sense 4.0 ROM, We Gawk And Slow Clap

If the HTC HD2 isn’t one of the most important phones of the decade, well you can just take my journalism badge. It was released in 2009 with the first ever 4.3″ display and a beastly (at the time) 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU. It was a massive monster people couldn’t fathom back then, let alone hold. 4.3″ was just too big! Or so we said 3 years ago, with a 4.7″ HTC One X or a 5.3″ Galaxy Note in our pockets now. The HD2′s openness led to a massive hacking community that lives on today.

Quite a while ago, CM9 was ported to the HD2, letting the 3 year old phone with seemingly ancient hardware run the absolute newest build of Android. But The HD2 didn’t start off with Android. It came with Windows Mobile 6.5 with an early version of HTC Sense. And Sense belongs on this phone. So now we have a port of Sense 4.0 on the HD2. It’s truly amazing what the hacking community have done with this phone. These are feats most people imagine as impossible.

This ROM is based on an HTC One V ROM, since they have the same screen resolution (and the V runs on a single core processor). It is not yet a daily diver. The list of things that do not work include camera, SD card, data, wifi, and audio. Also, the finished ROM will only work on T-Mobile. Unfortunate, but there are bound to be limitations to a brand new ROM on a 3 year old phone most people consider dead. But we all know, HD2′s never die.

Hit the source link for the XDA page, and remember, do this at your own risk and no one is responsible for any damages caused to your phone. But have fun with it!

Source: XDA-Developers, Via: Android Community

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