HTC One X Has (Unintentional?) Bluetooth Camera Shutter Controls

Someone has found out that a Bluetooth headset connected to an HTC One X is able to trigger its camera shutter. The video (complete with subtitles, as it is from China) demonstrates different headsets being used and different button combinations needed to trigger the shutter.

However, after watching the video, I almost feel like this was an accident, not an intended feature. Triple clicking volume up on a headsets triggers the shutter? Why? Or triple clicking the call button on a different headset? I feel that if it was an intentional feature, it’d be uniform across most headsets and something easier like a single or double click of the call button.

There is a mod for the Galaxy SII that lets you use your headphone mic button as a shutter button. Except it worked with all headsets and needed one click. I’m sure someone could mod this behavior to be easier to use. It’s actually quite a nice feature, as tapping an on screen button shakes the phone a lot.

Source: Droid-Life

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