HTC One X Multitasking Is Operating Normally, No Fixes Will Be Issued

Owners of HTC’s One X have noticed something interesting, as multitasking does not appear to be sticking true to Android 4.0. The One X runs Sense 4 on top of Ice Cream Sandwich, and features a different system of multitasking from stock Android. A vanilla version of the little green robot normally has vertically scrolling panels to the different apps running in the background, while Sense 4 has horizontally scrolling windows (almost like webOS’ cards system).

Owners of the One X have reported on multiple forums that while this system works, it could be causing more apps running in the background to be closed than normal. Here’s HTC’s official statement:

HTC is aware of some questions in the enthusiast community about how the HTC One X handles multitasking and memory management for background apps. We value the community’s input and are always looking for ways to enhance customers’ experience with our devices. That said, right now multitasking is operating normally according to our custom memory management specifications which balance core ICS features with a consistent HTC Sense experience.

It appears that this is more of a ‘feature’ than anything else, and it could have some good benefits. Android has been notorious for poor battery life, but killing more background apps does lead to better battery life. After using the EVO 4G LTE for the better part of the week (which also runs Sense 4), I have noticed that the multitasking system is a little different. If it leads to better battery life and performance, the changes are so minor that I’d prefer it to be this way. Owners of Sense 4 devices, have you noticed anything weird with the multitasking?

via The Verge

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