HTC One XL Will Be Sold In Europe With LTE And Dual Core

The HTC One XL debuted on AT&T, challenging the international One X with its dual core Snapdragon S4 (compared to the international’s quad core Tegra 3) and superior LTE connectivity. Now you may have your opinions on which processor is better, but in real world usage, they’re about equal. The S4 has the advantage of being ever so slightly smoother, while the Tegra 3 has the (big) advantage of being backed by the TegraZone, with some very impressive titles lined up.

Now the One XL will be sold in Europe, making the “international One X” moniker no longer applicable. The One XL will be the same dual core LTE touting phone AT&T users know and love, and other than those two things, will be identical to the HTC One X. It’ll be sold on the few LTE carriers in Europe, including Vodafone Germany, Deutsche Telekom, and O2 Germany. It can also be purchased unlocked for €659.

This can’t be good for public perception. They look identical, have near identical names, and most normal people will miss the difference when looking at spec sheets. I can’t imagine the number of people who will buy the wrong phone accidentally. But that’s HTC’s choice. Mine would be One X and One X LTE, which is a little more simple.


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