HTC Posts Sprint EVO 4G LTE Camera Samples

The Sprint EVO 4G LTE, a variant of the HTC One X but with a microSD card slot and an extra 200 mAh in its battery (for a total of a 2,000 mAh), has been long awaited as the true successor to the legendary EVO 4G. Other EVO variants have been nowhere near as popular as the original EVO 4G, and people are hoping the 4G LTE will be HTC’s return to the top of the Android world. And while you wait for the May 7th pre-order date, HTC posted some camera samples to whet your appetite.

HTC hired Meeno Peluce, an American photographer and former child actor, to take the gallery of photos. The gallery is made to show off HTC’s much-hyped ImageSense technology. I do have to admit that the photos look really good, but who knows how much editing went into them? But since the camera in the EVO 4G LTE is identical to the one in the One X, you can read our thoughts on the camera here.

The EVO 4G LTE is getting a lot of attention, and rightfully so. It’s HTC’s return to making truly good phones that stand out of the crowd. And the EVO is but another great phone Sprint is adding to its lineup. Can the inclusion of a bigger battery and a microSD card slot not present on any other One X sway you to switch to Sprint? Or do their admittedly pathetic 3G speeds in many areas deter you? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Android and Me

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