HTC Praises Own Work For One X Battery Life In Blog Post

While the attention of the mobile industry is likely focused solely on London today, yesterdays blog post courtesy of HTC’s website is still grabbing headlines. HTC says their research included all layers in the phone; from chipset, networking, display, operating systems and preloaded applications all in the hopes of making the “most efficient use of both power and data consumption.” Their testing also yielded some pretty impressive results when compared to the HTC Sensation:

  • 147 percent increase in talk time
  • 105 percent increase in MP3 playback time
  • 39 percent increase in video playback time
  • 23 percent increase in web browsing time

HTC further highlights the claims of AnandTech, a third-party benchmark site for those of you unfamiliar with their awesome testing methods. The website called the HTC One X on AT&T the “longest lasting Android smartphone in our 3G web browsing test.” The praise didn’t stop at browsing as AnandTech went on to further say the international version of the One X “lasts longer as a 3G hotspot than any Android phone we’ve ever tested.”

HTC then reminded us of claims they made at their recent Frequencies event for mobile experts that indicated focus group testing helped direct them to both thin and light smartphones while trying to support day-long battery life.

While individual daily usage patterns and battery life will vary, we’ve been working diligently to balance performance with design and functionality goals. For example, we held multiple focus groups with real-world users to find the right balance between battery and phone size. Our research was clear: you want your phone to last all day, but you also want your phone to be thin and light. So we set battery performance goals alongside design targets and relentlessly pursued creating gorgeous phones that work throughout a long day.

The whole blog post is a good read and if you’re looking to buy the HTC One X, AnandTech’s test results are sure to make you even more eager to get your hands on one.

HTC via AnandTech

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