HTC Releases ICS Update Timeline, Updates No Later Than August

HTC has finally posted a nice timeline of which phones are getting an Ice Cream Sandwich update and when. This is great for owners of devices that don’t know if their phone is even eligible. This is hot on the heels of Motorola releasing their schedule to the public.

Funny thing is that Motorola refuses to update phones with less than 1GB of RAM. Of course, their only phones with under a gigabyte of RAM have 512MB. I had an interesting discussion with my Twitter followers about this. I posted that I agree with Motorola’s decision not to upgrade phones with under a gig of RAM. I knew it would be best for consumers. My girlfriend’s DROID 3 has 512MB of RAM and she has a lot of apps installed. The phone runs fine, laggy but fast enough to use. With the extra ICS footprint, it would probably slow down significantly. And she’s a fairly smart Android user, many consumers’ phones are in much worse condition, covered in endlessly running malicious apps. Theirs would slow to an unusable state with ICS. There would be launcher redraws quite often. Now, someone did reply that the Nexus S runs ICS fine with 512MB of RAM. Of course, it is enough for stock ICS. Just not for MAP, Motorola’s overlay. MAP is laggy enough on good hardware, in my opinion. And the guy who argued with me ended up agreeing.

512MB of RAM is enough for stock ICS, it runs very fast on an original Galaxy S. And maybe it could run with MAP over it, with a lot of tweaks and hacks. But those are the kind of tweaks Motorola would never do. They also can’t give up their MAP overlay, it would be bad for business. So they made the right decision not to risk peoples phones working badly. They made a hard decision, but the right one.

However, half of the phones on HTC’s list have 768MB of RAM. Surely that’s enough for Sense 2.1/3.6, so I doubt there would be any issues. But it’s interesting to see HTC take a different stance from Motorola, especially considering Sense has always been a heavier interface than MAP.

So who’s excited for their ICS update? The latest ones are coming out in 3 months, so it isn’t a long wait. Are you ready to get a taste of the newest version of Android on your trusty HTC? Tell us down below!


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