HTC Reports April Sales Higher Than Month Prior, Still Has Way To Go

HTC knows that every set of financial numbers they report will be looked at with close scrutiny as the company looks to push itself back into financial growth. In April, HTC registered slightly higher numbers compared to the month of March, with consolidated sales reachingnearly $1.06 billion (T$31 billion.) These numbers remain slightly above HTC’s T$30.9 billion in March, but still down 20% compared to last April’s T$38.7 billion.

According to the Reuters report, HTC’s increase can be attributed due to the launch of the highly praised HTC One series internationally. As the One series begins its North American rollout over the next month, we hope that HTC sees their May numbers improve yet again. With Samsung’s Galaxy S III announcement receiving mixed reviews, HTC has plenty of opportunity with their One line to retake some marketshare.


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