HTC Sensation XL ICS Update Live For Some

The HTC One XL was an important phone for HTC when it was released. It was their first venture into Beats audio, and it was their try at a big phone to challenge size standards. Unfortunately, its big 4.7″ screen was only 800×480 and pixel density dropped below 200 PPI. It was also released with Gingerbread at the same time the Galaxy Nexus was launched with Ice Cream Sandwich, overshadowing this phone. The Galaxy Nexus even executed the big screen better, making it 1280×720 and not all stretched out and pixelated.

The XL was also plagued with Sense 3.5, a slow and laggy software version never destined to run smoothly on hardware weaker than IBM’s Watson. Fortunately, there have been reports that it is getting its Ice Cream Sandwich update. This of course brings Sense 3.6 to the phone, which is an improved and streamlined software version that should run a lot smoother. People have been reporting both the Vodafone model and the international model getting over the air updates right now, so tell us if you get one!

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