HTCDev Releases One X Source Code, Still Won’t Help Unlock AT&T Bootloader

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Late last night HTCDev released the source code for the international variant of the HTC One X. Making the announcement over Twitter, we’re sorry to say that the AT&T variant, the HTC One XL isn’t included in this release. I guess that doesn’t come as a big surprise, considering AT&T decided to hate on the open source community.

The software weighs in around 111MB and is available for software versions 1.26 and 1.28 on a variety of unlocked and unbranded versions of the international One X. This release is only good for the One X, though we hope HTC will release the source codes for the One S and One V soon. No word on when or if AT&T might decide to loosen their “restrictions” on the source code release. Hit the links below to pick up the right software.

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