Huawei Plans “Get To Know Us” Campaign In The US, Build Own Android UI

Huawei wants to make it big in the US, there is only one problem — almost nobody knows who they are. Huawei may be a huge brand outside the US, especially in the Chinese market, but US customers have absolutely no idea who they are. Huawei wants to change that and plans a US marketing campaign to build awareness of their brand. The marketing effort is planned for the second half of the year and Huawei plans to take on the ad campaign themselves, rather than doling the effort to a specialized marketing company.

“We want to raise the overall awareness of the consumer,” James Jiang, executive vice president of marketing and product for Huawei’s device unit, said in an interview with CNET today.

Huawei announces their new campaign among an effort to transform their own brand from a low-cost leader to a leader in innovation. A lack of awareness in the US has hurt the company’s ability to sell high-end devices, such as the Ascend P1 as wireless carriers are hesitant to sell their devices.

“To continue to grow to be a top manufacturer, you need to have a brand,” Jiang said.

In the hopes of raising that awareness, Huawei plans to introduce its own UI version ala Sense 4 and TouchWiz. The interface is said to feature an integrated contact menu with links to social networks, one-touch access to the most commonly used functions and more. Huawei did not announce a timeline for the introduction of their own Android UI, and if they did we suspect HTC and Samsung aren’t losing any sleep.

Jiang also hinted toward a CDMA/LTE device that will be announced for a US carrier next month, but wouldn’t give any details. Jiang also mentioned that Huawei will step up its promotion of quad-core devices like the Ascend D and Ascend P1 S to US carriers while still working on their global brand-awareness campaign for new devices.

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