Huawei Set To Introduce ‘Emotion UI,’ It’s Brand New Android Overlay

According to a new report, Huawei is preparing a June launch for their new Android UX, now dubbed Emotion UI. It was back in the beginning of the month when a report surfaced indicating Huawei was set to introduce a new UI version of its own, readying to take on HTC’s Sense 4 and Samsung’s TouchWiz. Huawei will obviously make a play for differentiation while trying new approaches to “enhancing” the user interface. Android overlays are often a blessing as much as a curse, given the finicky user base that is the Android communities take on overlays. Huawei will have to work on a thin line of useful without being intrusive or bloated if they want this new UX to succeed. Take look at the source link below to see the translation via Google Translate.

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