Inventory Leaks Says Galaxy S III Will Come In Blue And White, Screen Protector Shows Possible Screen Length

We’re a little over 24 hours away from the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S III and guess what, another leak, except this time we’re hearing about colors and not about design. The boys at GSM Arena acquired a screen shot taken from Carphone Warehouse, a UK phone retailer. According to this inventory listing, the Samsung Galaxy “S3″ will be available in both blue and white.

Interestingly enough, the invitation to Samsung’s press event has both blue and white blobs on it — coincidence? I think no. We also have to remember that Samsung’s definition of blue can vary, the Galaxy Note is now sold as “Carbon Blue,” even though it looks like a shade of black.

On a separate but equally interesting note is the discovery of a purported Galaxy S3 screen protector floating around the interwebs. The physical home button looks to be a giveaway if this screen protector is in fact the real deal. As it stands, the screen protector doesn’t fit the Galaxy S II, HTC One X and appears to be bigger than the Galaxy Nexus 4.65″ display. Could we see a 4.8″ display tomorrow? If this screen protector is any sort of giveaway, we very well could.

The time needs to tick away fast until it’s May 3rd.


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