Kobo eBooks Updated With Improved Tablet Support

The popular eBook reader for Android, Kobo eBooks, was recently updated with some nice changes.  For starters, the app overall is all a bit prettier and seems smoother.  The app developer also mentions the opportunity to share reading activity on Kobo Pulse as well as your Facebook timeline.  Something I find really cool about the Kobo eBooks app  is how it gives you awards, similar to achievements with your xBox or PS3 trophies.  You get these awards for reading certain genres or reading at certain times of the day.  It makes you feel special, in a “you just spend the last 2 hours of your life reading a book” kind of way.  The most improved change with this new update is the improved tablet support.  The best way I can express the change is that the experience is better.  The images are larger and the positioning of images and text makes more sense for tablets now.  Lastly, one of the best parts of using Kobo, is never paying full price for an eBook.  I often feel outraged at the price I’m asked to pay for a digital book, but just Google Kobo promo code, and you’ll never pay full price again.  So if you’re into reading books on your phone, and you haven’t checked out Kobo eBooks, pick it up here.  Let us know what you think.










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