Leaked Photos Of Little HTC Golf

New images have been taken of the rumored HTC Golf. It was shown off before, in a leaked render. Now it’s being teased in some (not blurry!) photos. The phone was said to be called the Wildfire C, but now they think it’ll be resurrecting the legendary Desire name, being called the Desire C.

The Golf is a low end phone, supposedly sporting a 3.2″ display at 480×320, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB internal storage. It is also rumored to have a processor under 1GHz, yet still running ICS with Sense 4.0. It’s a bit strange for even a low end phone being under 1GHz these days, but I guess they had to differentiate it from the HTC One V enough. The One V has a 3.7″ 480×800 screen, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage, and a single core 1GHz processor.

I wonder how it’ll handle the virtual menu button. Sure, the menu button taking up space on the HTC One X’s 4.7″ 720p screen isn’t a huge deal, but on a 3.2″ 480×320? It could take up a fifth of the height. It could be really bad. I also wonder how that sub-1GHz processor will run HTC Sense 4. Sense 4 is supposedly lighter than Sense 3, but even dual cores had trouble running Sense 3. Will the GPU in the single core be strong enough? We’ll see, as the Golf should launch in the next few months in Europe.


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