Leaked Screenshot Reveals Samsung Galaxy S III May Hit Canada June 20th

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S III at the beginning of the month, they slated a European launch by the end of May and a North American launch this summer. For those unaware, the summer spans 3 months, and for all we knew the S III could launch in late August. It looks like we won’t be waiting that long, however, as a newly leaked screenshot suggest the Galaxy S III will hit Canada June 20th.

Pre-orders are said to kick off May 30th, so an official announcement could be imminent. This is good news for those in the US, as phones usually hit both Canada and the US of A at around the same time. One last thing to note is that the handsets in the screenshot appear to be identical to the Exynos-equipped international variant. This would be a first in North America, with carriers usually opting to make their own variants. Would you prefer the original design, or do you like the choices carriers make?


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