Leaked Xperia Pro Android 4.0.4 Build Available for Development

With the recent announcement of the Xperia lineup receiving ICS, Xperia owners will be excited to know that a leaked build of Android’s latest has been made available to developers on XDA.  Senior XDA Member ameer1234567890 leaked the files a few weeks ago for Xperia Pro.  Different developers have been slowly working with the files to make them usable.  Additionally, a working unofficial Sony ICS rom has been made available from the leaked files ported to the Neo V, but it may or may not be ready to be used as a daily driver yet.  It’s definitely flashable if you’re want to check it out.  So what does this mean for the average Xperia owner?  Two things: (1) you may have something to play with if you can’t wait for the OTA; and (2) roms are in the works using Android 4.0.4 for you to play with in the future.  Are you paitent enough to wait for the OTA?  Hop on over to the threads if you’re interested in getting your hands dirty.

XDA | Leaked Xperia Pro Dev Files Thread | Unofficial Sony ICS for Neo V

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