LG Announces Optimus LTE2, Complete With 2GB Of Ram

Not content to let Samsung rue the day, LG outs its brand new Optimus LTE 2 ready for the Korean market. With a True HD IPS display (unknown size), LTE radio, 2150mAh battery, and Ice Cream Sandwich we’re looking at a great Android phone. Hold on a minute before comparing this to Samsung’s launch today however, this phone has two more surprises in store — 2GB of RAM and a wireless charging solution. Details surrounding the wireless charging methods are a little thin, but we do know it can be charged with a standard charging mat, regardless of manufacturer.

Let’s shift back to the 2GB of RAM though, an amount that’s comparable to some cheap PC computers these days. There is no other way to say this — it’s a hell of a lot of RAM. For a smartphone, it’s a ridiculous amount of RAM and it can only translate to faster application run times, better multitasking and just a better all around smartphone experience.

The LTE 2 is expected to launch on five carriers in Korea later this month, with other markets to follow. Will the LTE 2 make it to the United States? We can’t say for certain, but I can say we’d like it to.

Android Central via LG Korea

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