LG Nitro HD Gets ICS Leak Thanks To DesignGears

The LG Nitro HD has gotten its first Ice Cream Sandwich leak! If that isn’t surprising enough, LG has not only decided to upgrade this phone to ICS, but also to upgrade LG UI to their new 3.0 version. This is very unique, as both HTC and Samsung upgrade their phones but keep the version of Sense or TouchWiz the same, saving the new versions for new phones. LG decided to treat Nitro HD users to their newest iteration of their UI, and honestly, it looks FANTASTIC. Fluid, great animations, I’m loving it for the most part. Check out this video:

Very impressive, LG! They deserve a lot of respect for upgrading an older phone with a new UI, I haven’t seen that being done in the Android world before. I just have one question; what is up with using white backgrounds for settings?! It looks bad, unappealing, and is unnecessary strain on your eyes, screen, and battery (thank you Samsung for replacing the ICS gradient background with pure black in settings).

Canadian Optimus LTE users shouldn’t feel left out, as the software may work fine with their phones too. For both Optimus LTE and Nitro HD users, I’d wait for custom ROMs to come out first, with root and mods and a much needed case of debloating. The software also seems stable, and good enough for a daily driver. Remember, flash at your own risk, be careful, and read as much as possible before flashing. If you want to flash this build, hit the source link.

XDA-Developers via Phandroid

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