[MOD] Turn Your Galaxy Nexus Into a Pseudo-Galaxy SIII; Includes Supervideo

With much anticipation to the upcoming 3rd iteration of Samsung’s Galaxy S series line, many have been eager to have at least some of the aspects that the SIII will offer. And in the Android ‘modding’ world, usually what you wish for is generally received. Over in the XDA section in the Galaxy Nexus, the user by the name of Madphone has created a flashable zip file for the Galaxy Nexus that turns your phone into a ‘Pseudo-Galaxy SIII’ as I’d like to call it. This ‘add-on’ pack has been tested to work on current CM9 and AOKP builds. But generally speaking, it should work on almost any ICS variant ROM, unless the framework has been severely changed. Here are some of the features that it will give you:

  • Original high resolution Galaxy S3 Symbols (xhdpi)
  • Settings themed with Galaxy S3 Symbols (xhdpi)
  • TouchWizUX Launcher
  •  Samsung Galaxy S3 Sounds
  •  Power-Button Menu themed
  • Galaxy S3 Wallpaper Picker
  • Memo App
  • Memo Widget
  • PhotoWall LiveWallpaper
  • Gummy Beam Live Wallpaper
  •  Galaxy S3 Live Wallpapers
  • PopUp MultiTasking Video-Player (Super Video)
  • Trebuchet Drawer Icon themed
  • Apollo Music-Player
  • MrMad App (to get push notifications about updates)
  • FileExplorer

In a gist, this mod provides you many aspects of the SIII such as it’s notification sounds, wallpapers, apps like S-Memo, and even the ‘pop-up video’ feature that Samsung was highly touting in their SIII unveiling. For more of a detailed review of what all of these do, especially S-video, head over and watch the review that I have made. If you do not own a Galaxy Nexus and would like to have some of these you can always just download the zip file anyways and extract the desired features that you want such as the ringtones, wallpapers, and apk files for the desires apps you want. And as for the S-video app you can actually download that straight from the Google Play Store. Special thanks to Madphone for putting this together for the community and providing us at least a glimpse of what the SIII might be. Hope you all have a safe Memorial Day! 

Samsung Galaxy SIII Add-On