Motorola DROID Bionic Gets Leak, It’s Almost Funny But Really Isn’t

The Motorola DROID Bionic has gotten a leak of an official build straight from Motorola and Verizon. Here’s the bad news: It’s Gingerbread. Now I’m not one to hate on updates just because they aren’t Ice Cream Sandwich; in fact, I’m very lenient towards them and always mention how they’re appreciated anyway. But in this case, I think many of us agree this update is funny yet sad.

We all know the back story to the Bionic. It was announced, and not released. We had to wait MANY months just for an extremely late release. It was their flagship device, coming so late. It was not anywhere near a bad device, but it wasn’t so great. Then the DROID 3 came out, adding a keyboard to this phone while barely adding bulk. Unfortunately, the Bionic wasn’t the thinnest phone on the market, and the DROID 3 was surprisingly slim for a keyboard phone. Then the RAZR came out, basically leaving people no reason to get a Bionic, and leaving Bionic owners with buyers regret. This all happened in the span of a few short months. It was hard to watch.

To add insult to injury, it was stated that the Bionic would get an ICS update. But todays leak is Gingerbread. This is after the RAZR received ICS leaks, as did the DROID 4 (DROID 3 was sadly left out of the ICS update schedule, criminal). And this isn’t even a new build of Gingerbread. It’s 2.3.4. That’s what my Galaxy SII launched with 6 months ago, and since then it’s been updated to 2.3.6. All of this just isn’t looking good for DROID Bionic owners, and I feel like they’ve gotten nothing but disrespect from Motorola. And I really wish that ended soon. If they’re still leaking Gingerbread, it doesn’t seem that ICS development is really strong, does it? Anyway, you should be seeing this update officially sometime soon, hopefully.

Source: Android Community

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