Motorola Releases ICS Update Schedules For Their Devices, Only 1GB RAM Devices Apply

A new update schedule has been released for Motorola devices on their own forums. They describe which phones are getting ICS, and when. It’s nice to see estimates for times, but I highly doubt they’ll meet many of those timelines.

A few devices that are getting ICS for sure are the XOOM 3G (which is already in testing, so it shouldn’t be much longer) and other XOOMs, the RAZR and RAZR MAXX, the XYBOARD models, DROID 4, Atrix 1 and 2, Photon 4G, and various other non-US devices. Some, like the RAZR and XOOM devices, say the rolling will begin in Q2 of 2012. They have less than a month and a half left, but it seems viable due to the state of the leaks. Most others are either Q3 or Q4 2012.

The DROID Bionic is listed to be updated in early Q3 of 2012, so let’s assume early means the first month of Q3. That means it should be released July, or even early August. Considering the DROID 4 is on the same schedule, and it got an ICS leak, the Bionic doesn’t seem likely to be updated in time. It’s still seeing Gingerbread 2.3.4 leaks.

I don’t mean to be negative, but Motorola hasn’t seen the best luck with software upgrades lately. All their phones are currently stuck on Gingerbread. And flashing ICS leaks is very dangerous, considering Motorola doesn’t provide any way to get back to stock software. But we can hope that they will hold true to their schedule. If you want to see the status of each update along with a time of release, head over to the source link.

Source: Motorola