New “Go Google” Commercial Touts Google’s Extensive Cloud Integration

This new Google commercial shows off just how social and efficient Google’s cloud computing can be. It shows how multiple people can edit documents simultaneously, video chat in a group, and share files.

Google’s Vice President of Engineering Venkat Panchapakesan posted this on the Official Gooogle Blog:

“At the heart of it, Google is about cloud computing—helping people live online and get things done in the cloud. Whether you need to add ‘milk’ to a shared shopping list from the train, collaborate with your teammate back in the office to finish your presentation from a hotel lobby, or chat face-to-face with your mom from halfway around the world, we believe that getting stuff done in the cloud is a better way. We like to call it ‘going Google.’”

I think this commercial was really well done. It should appeal to the masses, instead of the tech crowd Google usually targets. Plus, the integration of all their services is unbeatable. I guess the question is, have you gone Google?

Source: 9to5 Google

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