New Motorola Android 4.0 Handsets Shown Off In China

At a Chinese event last week, Motorola showed off its slightly revamped line of new phones for China. We have the XT885 for China Unicom on the left, the XT889 for China Telecom in the center, and the MT887 for China Mobile on the right. They’re pretty much identical phones aside from the design and various radios for their respective carriers.

This is Motorola’s first venture into native Android 4.0 handsets, and they seem to be doing it right. They use the Nexus style on screen buttons, which is a relief after seeing the HTC One series use of the capacitive and on screen keys at the same time. They also kept the button background black, instead of making it blue (like was expected due to most of the UI in the current iteration of the MAP overlay being blue). In fact, even the status bar is black. Much better aesthetics.

Unfortunately, if you thought this would be Motorola’s competition to the One X and the Galaxy SIII, I’ll have to let you down right now. They’re powered by the same old 1.2 GHz dual core processors (presumably the TI OMAP 4430) and have 4.3″ 540×960 qHD displays. No sign of the next generation processors or the sought after 720p displays. While HTC is actively selling their One X and the Galaxy SIII is set to come out in a week in Europe, Motorola hasn’t even announced a new high end phone to compete. These seem to be mid end phones, and considering the old processor, don’t even truly compete with the HTC One S (which at least uses a brand new A15-based processor). Unfortunate, but they still seem like nice phones.


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