New T-Mobile Commercials Have A Leather Wearing Carly Show Off The One S

T-Mobile has really been pushing Carly’s new look. No longer the nice girl in dresses, she now sports all black and magenta leather. Rolling with that new image, T-Mo has made two new videos.

First commercial shows Carly sitting on her black and magenta bike (perfectly matching her outfit) choosing music on her HTC One S. The narrator speaks about Google Play Music and streaming from the cloud using T-Mobile fast 4G network. CGI scrolling is obviously present, and very unnatural. That detail has always bothered me.

Next up is a video comparing AT&T and T-Mobile. I personally don’t like this one. It shows a blue bike (symbolizing AT&T) driving along, while Carly shoots by in a fraction of a second. It talks about how the iPhone 4S is so much slower than the HTC One S in terms of network speeds. It really isn’t. The 4S on AT&T runs on a 21 megabit theoretical HSPA+ connection which is extremely fast in most cases. The One S runs on a 42 megabit one, which is twice as fast. However the video just makes the 4S seem slow, even though I’ve personally gone over 10 mbit download speed on AT&T HSPA+ many times. Plus, AT&T has the superior HTC One X running on LTE, which blows T-Mo’s One S out of the water (and even costs the same. T-Mo, why price the One S the same as the One X on the other networks?).

What do you guys think of the commercials? Good? Unfair? Or did you just come for Carly?

Source: Android Community

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