No Surprise Here As Samsung Galaxy S III Dominates Benchmark Scores

It’ll come as no surprise as we learn the Samsung Galaxy S III scores off the charts on a number of benchmark tests, handily making its mark as one of the best performing Android handsets ever released. The boys at AnandTech ran the Galaxy S III through a gauntlet of benchmark test last night in London coming away impressed. The Galaxy S III dominated a number of tests including SunSpider and BrowserMark. During GPU tests, the Galaxy S III took home either the number one or number two spot on all but one test. Needless to say, while first reactions to the Galaxy S III have been less than outstanding, the performance of the device is likely to impress regardless.

If you want to take a closer look at Quadrant Standard, AnTuTu and NenaMark2, the boys at PhoneArena have hooked you up with a hands-on video of all three tests. I’m sure you can guess just how well it did in all three benchmarks?

Hit the AnandTech link below for the full results on all their testing.

AnandTech, PhoneArena

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