Nokia Files Patent Infringement Cases Against HTC, RIM, and Viewsonic

Nokia is once again suing its competition for patent infringement. This time, their targets are HTC, ROM, and Viewsonic. In an official press release, Nokia states that the three manufacturers are violating as many as 45 different Nokia patents. While Nokia already licenses patents to over 40 companies, it wants to add three more.

Nokia filed a complaint solely against HTC to the US International Trade Commission (ITC), filed patent infringements against Viewsonic and HTC in Delaware, and is suing all of them in Germany. I guess Germany is the place to be if you want to sue someone. Not the most friendly reputation.

Of course, this could also mean a (further) damaged reputation for Nokia. Since their smartphone market share is already rock bottom, even including Windows Phone sales, it seems they’re getting panicky. It seems these lawsuits are to rake in a little money to secure Nokia a bit of a longer future, in case things don’t go as well as they plan. Though their Windows Phone push is their saving grace, I can’t see WP7 growing fast enough for Nokia to gain massive popularity in the US.

It should be interesting to watch these cases proceed, even though it doesn’t seem likely Nokia will lose. Stay tuned for updates on these cases, and tell us, do you think Nokia has a bright future ahead of it?

Source: Android and Me

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